"Everyone deserves a good relationship with themselves."

The Rotnem Motivation

About Dan and Lindsey

Words from Dan

My personal training philosophy centers around optimizing functional performance and the development of the "mindbody" as a single unit. I have a special (and personal) interest in working with people who enjoy the extra challenge of neuromuscular disorders. I have personal experience maintaining fitness with multifocal acquired motor axonopathy (MAMA) and work with clients who have multiple sclerosis and CMT. 

My general approach is to identify strengths and weaknesses to create specific programs designed to bring balance to the body. I tend to utilize body weight in circuit training with the goal of moving toward complex, full body exercises. During this process I teach clients to unify mind and body, create an internal feedback loop, and learn healthy mindsets to support sustained success. 

Words from Lindsey

I was involved in varsity softball and cheerleading through high school and played intramural softball in college, but then quit it all to "live it up". One day, after gaining significant weight, struggling with anxiety, high blood pressure and realizing I was only 26, I knew something had to change. After years of "putting in the work", including learning how to live with fibromyalgia, I am excited to start helping other women become their healthiest.

I turned to personal training after over 10 years of experience as a licensed social worker. I enjoy supporting women who want to just "be". To me, that doesn't mean meeting some measure of "ideal". It means finding the balance in what to eat, how and when to exercise and preserving mental health all while "adulting". As a woman in America, especially as a Mom,  it has become increasingly challenging to prioritize taking care of ourselves. 

But we deserve it!