Mission Statement

Through our combined actions we will create and defend a world of love and caring.


Nami Bujutsu is the culmination of over 25 years training in multiple disciplines. This comprehensive program teaches students the skills, develops the mentality, and builds the fitness to stay safe. 

Mature students only.

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Mindfulness Coach

Is life running you or are you running your life? 

Mindfulness coaching will give you the tools to reconnect with what is most important, manage stress and anxiety, deepen relationships, and live a truly fulfilled life.

Private Sessions Only

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Martial Arts

Umi No Budo is a combination of  Shotokan Karate and JuJutsu. Students will learn traditional martial arts in a traditional fashion: rigorous physical exercise, technical precision, focus and discipline. In this context students learn to be modern day warriors: confident, capable, and caring. 

Ages 8+

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Mind & Body Unification Will Change Your Life!

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